Here’s What You Can Expect When You Come to Our Indianapolis Podiatrist

Let’s be frank, here: it’s not easy to promote your podiatry office as a must-see regional destination.

We’ll gladly proclaim ourselves the best foot care specialists in Indianapolis, sure, but we know (most) people aren’t coming here to create memories for their scrapbook. We don’t have our own lush parks (although Fort Harrison is right next to us), nor do we have fine art on the walls (although we may gladly post your doodles).

We also don’t have a waiting room that is truly anything special. Don’t get us wrong, we like it a lot. But you won’t find massage chairs or attendants who hand you packages of peanuts while you wait.

But we’re actually proud of this, because we’d prefer that you didn’t have to use our waiting room at all if we can help it. Because when you need help for a foot or ankle issue, you’re not really looking for frivolous bells and whistles. You’re looking for a great and effective experience in getting your problem addressed. That’s why we call ourselves the go-to Indianapolis podiatry office.

If you are considering scheduling an appointment with us for the first time, here are some of the exceptional services you can expect.

Both Your Time and Our Time is Valuable

Our mission of going above and beyond starts before you even set foot into our office.

At many offices, your first visit typically involves being handed a registration form by the front desk, filling it out, and then waiting to be called.

But what’s actually going on during that waiting time? Is the doctor busy with other patients? In a few cases, maybe; but you were scheduled to come in at a certain time, right? You were expected.

What most patients don’t realize is a big part of that waiting time is the front desk entering your registration information into the electronic records! It’s an important task—we can’t see you or perform an effective evaluation until we have this information—but it’s not the most efficient way for either side to get the data in the system.

There’s a better way that keeps us running smoothly and gets you in to see Dr. Leibovitz much closer to your actual appointed time: we take care of the registration portion before you ever come in!

If you are a new patient (or a patient we have not seen in a long time), we will conduct an interview with you over the phone. We may be able to do this on the same call, or we can schedule another call before your appointment if there is a better time. This way, you can relay your information in the comfort of your home (snacking on whatever you please) and you have a fast track to see the doctor when you come in. This also includes your insurance information, which is one of the first questions we tend to ask. We know how important it is for potential patients to know whether we are in their network or not.

When information changes, we also want to keep up to date on it. We seek to update your information every six months (things like added or dropped medications and changes in lifestyle habits). Keeping current means having the information we need to make best-informed decisions whenever needed.

When You Head into a Treatment Room

Under the best scenario, you will be greeted by our staff when you arrive for the first time, sign privacy and insurance agreements if necessary, and expect to see Dr. Leibovitz shortly.

Once in the treatment room, it’s naturally time for an evaluation. Dr. Leibovitz will review your symptoms, but not just from the perspective of a physical examination. We also want to know how what you are experiencing is affecting your life.

So, when Dr. Leibovitz asks, “How can we help you?”, by all means regale us at great length about the problem you have been experiencing, when you started noticing it, and what it is doing to your daily life. Do not be afraid to provide every detail! The more we know about the symptoms and their effects on you, the better equipped we are to recommend treatments that are best suited to your individual needs.

Sometimes there are multiple problems, and they can be connected to each other in various ways. If we are facing several issues, we intend to address them in the order of consequence and priority. In other words, our attention will focus first on what is causing you the most trouble and will have the most significant effect on other symptoms.

Follow-up and Additional Appointments

We will be sure to create a follow-up appointment if one is needed. The length of time between the initial appointment and the next will largely depend on the situation. There’s no use in seeing someone before there has been a chance to get real results, but we also don’t want to delay care for someone who continues to be in pain or discomfort.

However, if there are any instructions you need following your first appointment—such as for stretching or tending to certain situations—we will be sure to supply them to you. We have written instructions, an ever-expanding library of videos, and often both!

We want to hit the “Easy Button” on follow-up care, whether you are receiving conservative treatment or have just undergone surgery. We also know that it can be easy to fall off the wagon on some things, such as stretching, so we want you to have easy access to helpful instructions whenever you need them.

What else can you expect? We inform your referring physician of your treatment plan—often the very same day—so they know what’s going on as well.

You should also expect to pay your co-pay during your appointment. We unfortunately do not have any control over this aspect with insurance companies, and must collect. We will be sure to inform you of anything your insurance requires, however, so you don’t run into any surprises.

Expect More from Your Go-To Indianapolis Podiatrist

While we do not have full drink service (regulations wouldn’t allow it), what we do offer is quick-yet-thorough care that bypasses the waiting room, listens fully to your needs, and equips you with all the knowledge and follow-up you need to ensure solutions are found.

Call our office at (317) 545-0505 to schedule an appointment with our office. If you prefer to reach out electronically with questions or appointment requests, we’re also happy to hear from you! Simply fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch.


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