New Patient Paperwork and Information

Can I just fill it out and bring it in with me? Can I arrive extra early to fill whatever you need out?

With our focus on quality patient care and respecting your time, our office operates a little differently than most. While the majority of healthcare offices don’t mind you spending 30-60 minutes filling out paperwork before seeing the doctor and then have you wait another 10-15 minutes to place your info into the system, we believe that your time with the doctor is important and shouldn’t be taken away by paperwork. Our staff will collect all pertinent medical history and demographic information over the phone before your first appointment with us.  Our phone conversation will only take a few minutes. This will allow Dr. Leibovitz the opportunity to review your medical information before your visit. This will also reduce “surprises” such as required prior authorization, and/or collect any missing information from your Referring or Primary Care physician so we do not hinder or delay your treatment.

Our method has been so successful that it has allowed us to run on schedule over 90 % of the time. About the only thing that derails our schedule is when a patient comes in and has to fill out paper work.

As a new patient you will just sign a financial and HIPPA agreement, present you insurance card and you are ready to roll.

An established patient will receive a Patient Information Update form to review, twice a year, and change if necessary.  Good information gets good treatment.


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