From Dr. Leibovitz: An Update on In-Office Appointments

Weeeee’re back! …Well kind of, in a corona type of world.

We are seeing patients but with a physical distance state of mind.

Our reception area (aka waiting room) will now become a lonely place. We do not intend to have people in this area. To avoid the reception area, we will bring you back to a treatment room as soon as you enter our office.

We do not want you to have any contact with other patients, so we have reduced our patient appointments and staggered appointment times to avoid awkward mask-to-mask moments. To do this, it is very important that our patients arrive at their designated times. If you arrive early or late, we will have you wait in your car. In this situation, call us and we will let you know when to enter the office or possibly reschedule.

We are not in full-time party mode yet, so there are a lot of other restrictions. I will only allow non-patients in my office with the exceptions:

  • The patient needs physical assistance to get into the exam chair.
  • The patient is a minor.

Anyone else who accompanies a patient must wait in their car and stay on-site. We ask that the driver does not leave or run an errand and potentially strand the patient.

You must wear a mask and use it appropriately. A mask does not protect anyone if the nose and mouth are not covered.

If you have a fever, cough, do not feel well, or have been exposed to a person who is COVID-positive within 2 weeks, you should reschedule your appointment.

patient waiting in a room

We have designated chairs, if necessary. There is a designated 6-foot line (it looks much farther when you see it taped off) for the check-in/out counters. Hand sanitizer is available for you at each area. Each room is wiped down with the sanitizer de jour after every encounter.

This part is killing me, but my staff and I will keep our conversations as short as possible.  My previous patients know I want to hear about their last vacation, puppy tales and tails, or amusing stories, but we want your exposure in the office as brief as possible. I apologize to any new patients because you will not receive the full flavor of my office and staff, see our smiles, or courtesy laugh at my dad jokes.

Thank you for understanding and your cooperation. This will not last forever, but probably longer than you think.

And for those who want to exercise their freedom from protection, when you enter my office you are now in an autocracy, not a democracy. My protection rules RULE. We do have virtual visits where we do not have to wear masks and pants are optional.

Dedicated to your health,

Dr. Jeffrie C. Leibovitz, DPM

P.S. Go to the bathroom before you go out and anywhere. And as your mom said, always wear clean underwear.


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