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Heel Pain

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What Do Damaged, Fungal Nails Look Like?

  Most people can recognize a thick discolored nail from long-term fungus involvement. It is hard to miss. But what does it look like when it starts? And how and why does it start?  The majority of the time I see this problem at the end stage change. If I was...

The Best Plantar Fasciitis Stretch

  Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain, and often times there are easy things you can do to help relieve pain and move forward with treatment. Now before we get started on some potential stretches, it’s good to know that this is NOT a...

What Does a Toe Look Like After a Fungal Nail is Removed?

  I get this question asked a lot. Fungal Nails are Abnormal Remember, we are NOT dealing with a normal nail. A fungal nail is thick, dark, and crumbling, and is not normal. It is common to see people hiding a thick mycotic nail that has fungus with polish....

Top 6 Hiking Injuries

  Having Fort Harrison State Park next door is a pretty sweet deal…for me. I see quite a few hiking injuries. The bad news is there are six problems that show up a lot. The good news is I am one block from the entrance. Three Common Acute Hiking Injuries These...

Marching Band…What Could Go Wrong?

  In the heat of the summer comes band practice. We’re especially proud of our Lawrence North and Lawrence Central High School marching bands. Receiving multiple awards, we’re so proud of the fact that our schools are receiving NATIONAL attention. So we want to...

Working From Home Heel Pain

  That pesky COVID-19 virus has created a work-at-home environment for many of us. We are pretty safe from the outside world when we stay home. That is true - but I would bet you did not count on foot pain becoming the new focus of your life. In particular heel...

Fighting Dry Skin & Tinea Pedis (Athlete’s Foot)

  Dry skin and tinea pedis (often referred to as athlete’s foot) can pair up with each other. But it’s not in any way that will be benefit your feet. We’re talking more about the way supervillains like to team up against Spider-Man.  The fall and spring seasons...

Getting Kids with Shin Splints Back to Action

  There are times each year when kids take a break from running around all over the place to run around in more directed, intense, and sports-related ways. Getting back to a sports season (or starting one for the first time) can be a very exciting time for both...

Tackling Back-to-School Athletes’ Foot and Ankle Problems

  Preparation is everything when it comes to any school season. This is especially important when it comes to preventing or early detection of a sports injury or other foot problems in a child athlete. A good scouting report is a big advantage for a coach. This...

Why Does it Feel Like I’m Walking on a Rock?

  Do you feel like you’re walking on a small rock or pebble that’s stuck inside your shoe?  The first step (and you might have already done this) is to check for a small rock or pebble inside your shoe. If you do find a small rock or pebble, then case closed!...


When can I wear normal shoes after foot and ankle surgery?

If the procedure only involves soft tissue (neuromas, joint cleanup procedure, and ganglions), it may be 2-3 weeks before an athletic shoe can be worn. If bone healing is involved (joint fusion or osteotomy) it may take 4-8 weeks to return to an athletic shoe.  Of course, we can only provide a very rough estimate unless we see you here in our office, but this does provide a starting point.

Do bunions and bunionettes need surgery?

There are certainly cases when bunion surgery makes sense, but this should be a discussion we have here in our Indianapolis, IN office. We’ll be happy to assess your situation and help you determine the best course of action. Give us a call at (317) 545-0505, or take advantage of our online form to request your appointment today.

What do orthotics treat?

These medical devices are used to treat and prevent an array of issues, including bunions, abnormal foot arches (both high and low), hallux limitus (stiff big toe), neuromas, ulceration/calluses, forefoot pain, and plantar fasciitis.

What Our Patients are Saying

Dr. Leibovitz and all staff members I saw were very helpful and patient with explaining and answering questions. I have already told some of my friends about my visit and that I would recommend you if they needed to see a podiatrist.

Barbara B.

Dr. Leibovitz took the time to explain what he would do and what to expect. He was professional, thorough and efficient.

Patrick D.

So awesome. Had a toenail problem/infection and didn’t know what it was or why it was happening. Got a same day appointment and I was taken care of right away. Quick, painless and very informative. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Natalie W.

I have been very pleased with the care Dr. Leibovitz has provided me. I have had some pretty severe pain in my ankle and step by step we are seeing improvements (for a very active person the improvements have been heaven!). My last visit with him was a virtual visit over Zoom. So easy!

Achilles Stretching Exercises!

Stretching is one of the key components in injury prevention and in the healing process. Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz walks you through some important stretching techniques for your achilles tendon in this video – take a look as he explains each technique and how it can help you!

Why Call Our Indianapolis Podiatry Office?

For over 30 years, Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz has been providing comprehensive foot care services by using modern diagnostic equipment and proven treatment options. His goal in doing so is not only to help you find relief from painful symptoms, but to address the root cause and restore your options.

If you are suffering from foot pain, contact our office and request an appointment. Dr. Leibovitz will determine what is wrong and then create a customized treatment plan for you. (And if you come in soon enough, there’s a decent chance your plan won’t include surgery!)

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