Read Our Amazing Patient Testimonials! - Jeffrie C. Leibovitz, DPM

Outstanding Patient Experiences

Dr. Leibovitz is very gentle, and easy to talk to. I had an appointment with Dr. Leibovitz to take care of a small callus on my foot right below the toe next to the big toe. It started to bother me when I was walking. It felt like I was stepping on a small BB. I didn’t know how Dr. Leibovitz would remove the callus. I was glad that it didn’t require surgery. Dr. Leibovitz said that I came in at the right time, early, before it would have gotten worse. He used a small knife to cut off the top of the callus. It didn’t require numbing or anything like that because we caught it early, and I didn’t even feel it when he cut. Now I use an emery board at night time to file the callus down a little more overtime. It feels a lot better! Much easier to walk. I would encourage anybody who has a similar issue, to go see Dr. Leibovitz early, before I progresses, so it can be treated easily like mine was. Don’t live with the pain of walking on a hard callus, that will only get worse. Get it taken care of early, when it’s easy to take care of.
Mike Oberneder

I recently saw Dr. Leibovitz for a painful, lower foot condition. Dr. Leibovitz quickly diagnosed the problem. He constructed a device while I waited in the treatment room. The device solved my problem within two-days. Dr. Leibovitz and staff members are friendly and professional. They provide excellent care. I highly recommend Dr. Leibovitz.

Excellent service, efficient, informative, knowledgeable and personable. I would highly recommend Dr. Leibovitz and his staff.
David Garvey

My recent visit with Dr. Leibovitz and his staff was outstanding. They are a very pleasant group of people, and very efficient in their service as well. Highly recommended!
David Ashcraft

Always professional but personable. Office is clean and reception staff extremely kind.

Mindy King

Dr. Leibovitz and all staff members I saw were very helpful and patient with explaining/answering questions. Have already told some of my friends about my visit and that I would recommend you if they needed to see a podiatrist.

Barbara Bozymski

Dr. Leibovitz took the time to explain what he would do and what to expect. He was professional, thorough, and efficient.

Patrick Downey

So awesome. Had a toenail problem/infection and didn’t know what it was or why it was happening. Got a same-day appointment, went in and got in taken care of right away. Quick, painless and very informative. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Natalie Wichern

I have had great experience with Dr. Leibovitz in the past, but today’s was exceptional, even for him. I fell down the stairs a few days ago, and happily, didn’t sustain serious injuries. Still, my ankle is swollen, so I was able to have him treat me over the phone usingZoom. It took me just a few minutes to get the hang of it, but he was extremely patient, and was able to see everything he needed to see, and diagnose me with a grade 1 ankle sprain, and recommend the needed treatment. This was so cool, and easy, and I amcomforted that I got the care I needed quickly without endangering me, his staff, or Dr Leibovitz himself during this pandemic. Thank you, Dr. Leibovitz!!

Dr. Leibovitz and staff were fabulous! Glad I went to their office because little did I know I had a fracture in my toe!! Had no clue! Figured out the problem and next steps. They all were so sweet with my son too!

Krystle Caulk

The office is well-run and very efficient. I got in right away and was happy to find out that my problem can be easily taken care of. I was diagnosed quickly and efficiently by the good doctor with a great sense of humor. What more could you ask for?

David Cuppy

I had a great, painless experience dealing with an ingrown toenail. I was very pleased with Dr. Leibovitz and his staff. All were friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and handled my procedure quickly and efficiently. I certainly did not anticipate this kind of procedure could be such an easy visit!

Kelly Hage

Your website was fantastic! I could feel Dr. Leibovitz’ energy from his site. He teaches to many types of learners. His site has information for those who learn by reading and videos. He tells you all of the information in your appointment, and then shows you how to do what you need to do to feel better. It’s difficult to take time to stretch, but I can tell when I haven’t done it; it makes a huge difference! You can do it while cutting veggies at the counter or applying makeup or while eating at the sink or reading.
Heidi Mayo

I only wish I would have came in sooner. I had no idea how much better my foot would feel with such a simple adjustment.

Gary Dugger

A very good appointment. Allie was very efficient in getting me prepared for the doctor, and Dr. Leibovitz took care of my foot problems quickly, while explaining the genesis and solution for my problem. I will return in the future.
Joseph Ennis

Very professional staff with a fun, upbeat attitude. Communicates the situations and remedies very well.
Victoria Mansfield

Office staff are very helpful and friendly. Always in a great mood! Dr. Leibovitz tries every type of conservative treatment before suggesting anything invasive. I really appreciate a doctor who doesn’t immediately recommend a surgical intervention or the most expensive treatment option. I truly believe he exhausts every viable option prior to expensive tests/treatments.

Mary Gallagher

I have been very pleased with the care Dr. Leibovitz has provided me. I have had some pretty severe pain in my ankle and step by step we are seeing improvements (for a very active person the improvements have been heaven!). My last visit with him was a virtual visit over Zoom. So easy! I clicked on the link and the next minute I was video chatting with Dr. Leibovitz. He was able to examine myankle via the call and make decisions on next steps based off what he saw and feedback i provided him. So far, the next steps are helping! Hopeful my ankle keeps getting better under his care. I definitely recommend Dr. Leibovitz.

Dr. Leibovitz was a godsend for me! In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, I started having excruciating pain in my big toe. I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but this thing was causing me so much grief. I couldn’t walk on it, I couldn’t wear shoes, it was throbbing and keeping me up all night, and even water droplets gently hitting it in the shower was incredibly painful. What was I to do? I certainly didn’t want to go to an urgent care or a doctor’s office where people withcoronavirus symptoms were going. Yet waiting for who knows how long for coronavirus to subside to get it checked out seemed unthinkable since I was so miserable. I did an internet search for podiatrists in the area, and found hundreds of glowing reviews of Dr. Leibovitz. When I called, the office staff patiently listened and was incredibly sympathetic to my dilemma. They got me in the very next day. Dr. Leibovitz was very knowledgeable, friendly, and gentle. He tried the least invasive option first to helpmy toe, which I greatly appreciate in a doctor. A few days later, when I still had no relief in my toe, Dr. Leibovitz then did a procedure that could have been unpleasant, but he made it quick and practically painless. The next day, I could tell right away that the excruciating pain that I was having before was completely gone. I had some mild soreness from the procedure, but that was to be expected. It healed up nicely and my toe was quickly on its way to being back to normal again. My follow up appointment with Dr. Leibovitz was done virtually via a video call, and this was just so easy and convenient. It’s as simple as clicking a link in your email, and before you know it you are seeing and talking to Dr. Leibovitz on your screen from the comfort of yourown couch. Dr. Leibovitz is so friendly and easy to talk to, and all of the questions and concerns you would have at an in–person appointment can just as easily be addressed in a video call with him. I was even able to switch the camera view of my iPad and show him my gnarly toe up close so he could make sure everything looked good and it was healing right. If there’s something he needs to look at in person or if your foot problem does need intervention, he will have you come into the office. I’m just so grateful to Dr. Leibovitz for taking such good care of me and making everything quick, easy, and painless.

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