Indianapolis Podiatrist Office - Your Family Deserves the Best Foot Care!

Your Family Deserves the Best Professional Foot Care!

Our Indianapolis podiatrist office isn’t the same as others you can find out there.

See, we’re committed to providing effective solutions so you can live your best life. And we do this in a comfortable, relaxing, and friendly office environment.

This commitment starts at the very top:

Our practice’s foot doctor and founder – Jeffrie Leibovitz, DPM – has built his 30+ year career on doing more than simply treating foot and ankle problems. Rather, he takes an active interest in you as an individual and ensures your treatment plan is geared toward your needs and goals.

And that makes us different!

While not every podiatrist takes that approach, Dr. Leibovitz knows the value of patient education. He spends time answering your questions and providing helpful information about the underlying cause(s) of the foot pain – and your treatment options for resolving it.

Since Dr. Leibovitz has been teaching medical (family practice, podiatric) residents for more than twenty years, you can know that you’re getting education from a highly reputable source.

Even better, our podiatrist actually listens when you give your input! (We are talking about your treatment plan, after all.)

To sum that up, when you visit our office you get:

  • Reliable information
  • Answers to all your (podiatry-related) questions
  • Better understanding on how to manage an ailment
  • A customized treatment plan consisting of options that work best for you

Most importantly:
You get a voice in your foot care and treatment!

Our Staff



Sydnee is our back office General. She is why the office runs smoothly. If there is a delay in the schedule it is probably the Doctor’s fault. She is most likely the first person you met if you used our chat box or the office text option. She is an animal lover, like the rest of us. 



Lori is the backbone of the office. She has ruled for over 20 years and wears all the hats that can be worn in the office.

Why else is our Indianapolis foot doctor office the right choice?

If the individualized care and attention (all administered by an experienced…) isn’t enough to pique your interest, here are some additional reasons we’re an outstanding choice for you and your loved ones:

  • In-office diagnostic tools
  • Effective conservative treatment (to lower your risk for surgery)
  • Proven track record of satisfied patients
  • Same-day appointments
  • Comfortable injections (because the last thing you need is more pain!)
  • Foot care products available in our office

Again, you can get all of this in an office environment that is comfortable and friendly – not one where you feel like just a number or you’re on a conveyor belt!

At some practices, podiatry is just business. For us, it’s personal.

We take a vested interest in every patient and create treatment plans that are geared toward your needs and goals. As we do, our main objective is to provide you with the best treatment experience you’ve ever had.

Given the kind words patients leave for us on Google, we’re proud to know we consistently hit the mark!

“I suffer with daily discomfort due to plantar fasciitis. I had corticosteroid injections in both feet many years ago….the injections hurt so bad that I decided I would just deal with the plantar fasciitis. Fast forward…..I was recently referred to Dr. Leibovitz. After hearing great things I made an appointment. Dr. Leibovitz uses vibration therapy when administering the injection to alleviate pain sensations. Wow! Dr. Leibovitz is the best. The injection was nothing more than a prolonged flu shot. If you can handle a flu shot there is no need to put off the corticosteroid injection any longer. Don’t accept daily foot pain….Call Dr. Leibovitz’s office!” – Kimberly