See Us Now to Run the Indy Mini (Heel) Pain-Free!

  Out-of-towners might not realize this—and, sadly, some of our fellow neighbors take it for granted—but there are so many outstanding reasons to live in our greater Indianapolis community:   Having quick access to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum—an...

A Tale of Two Bunions

A Tale Of Two Cities BunionsWhen Charles Dickens started A Tale of Two Cities with the classic line “[i]t was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” he wasn’t talking about life with and without bunions—but he very well could have been. After all, a...

Do Your Feet Think You’re Fat?

  The question of the day is this: Do your feet think you’re fat? We have two very important thoughts before we go any further—1) you’ll see why we wonder about this momentarily and 2) WE aren’t saying that you are! Blame the feet. Even if you’re incredibly tiny,...

How to Take Care of a Diabetic Family Member

  Given the magnitude of the problem, it’s a shame they only devote a single month of awareness to diabetes. (If you weren’t aware—in spite of efforts to raise awareness—November was Diabetes Awareness Month.) See, this particular disease affects almost one out...

Hallux Limitus (Big Toe Pain) and Golf

  We’re now in the heart of winter and it won’t be long until spring and the holiday season is upon us, which means it is the perfect time of year to talk about…golf?? Okay, we can hear you all the way across the internet—“Dr. Leibovitz has finally lost his...

Dispelling Treatment Fears With the New Year upon us, we are legally required to blog about our fears for the upcoming year. (Hey, we don’t make up the laws—we just have to follow them.) While we could talk about...

Did I Choose the Right Parents?

 Based solely on the title alone, the millions of teenagers who read this blog on a regular basis (just go with it…) are probably nodding their heads vigorously. Well, hold on a second, kiddos: This post doesn’t have anything to do with the “fact” you have “the...

Catch Foot Pain Now for Less Pain Later

 Picture this: Your child’s youth soccer team is playing in the league championship and the score is tied 2-2 in what has been a thrilling match. With only a few minutes left, your child’s team is on the attack. Players are passing the ball around to find an opening...

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