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“Achilles Tendon Stretching”

“Ankle Rehabilitation”

” Healthy Achilles Demonstration”

“Achilles Tendon Stretching”

Dr. Jeffrie Leibovitz, D.P.M. demonstrates how to stretch your achilles tendons at home! Watch here to learn more!

“Ankle Rehabilitation”

Dr. Jeff Leibovitz discusses and demonstrates some effective ways to rehab your injured ankle. Check out more of our website to read more about this and other podiatry-related topics.

“Healthy Achilles Demonstration”

Jeffrie Leibovitz, Indiana’s “Go-to-Foot-Doc” shows what a healthy Achilles should look like and what parents should be watching for. View this video to learn more! 

“Broken Toes”

“Broken Toes”

Broken toes can be a real pain, and take a while to heal without proper treatment. Watch this video to learn more.


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