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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far – Genetics and Foot Deformities

Genetics & Foot Deformities

One of the most eagerly pursued goals of any parent or grandparent is setting future generations up for a better life than they had. That leads to lots of thinking about college funds, but maybe not as much thinking about how family genetics might influence their future.

Wanting a better life for your kids or grandkids can also mean helping them avoid the same foot problems you have endured through your life. Many of the conditions that cause us chronic pain and mobility problems can be traced back to an abnormal foot structure – and that is something that tends to be inherited down the family line.

Your Feet Can Help Their Feet

One of the most invaluable resources I have in providing optimal care for my youngest patients is the history of their parents and grandparents.

The more we know about the problems you have faced (such as bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, and often genetically influenced conditions), the better we can anticipate and address signs of trouble if they develop in your children and grandchildren.

And the sooner a problem is addressed, the better! If we see signs of early bunion development, for example, we can take measures to slow or even outright stop its progression. 

Your child or grandchild won’t have to deal with a fraction of the hassle or discomfort you may have had to. As far as gifts you can give your family go, this is a highly underrated one!

So yes, grandparents are welcome to come along to their grandkids’ appointments. In fact, we highly recommend it! Let us know all about your own foot and ankle history, and we can use that information like a crystal ball to peer into the little ones’ potential futures.

Resources on Hereditary Foot Conditions

Below you can find links to webpages and blog posts that relate to many genetically influenced foot and ankle conditions. We’ll keep expanding this area as more is added.

If you do not see a condition you have concerns about here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to address any questions you may have.

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