Ankle Sprains VS. Ankle Breaks - Jeffrie C. Leibovitz, DPM

How to Tell an Ankle Sprain from an Ankle Fracture

Navigating the intricate landscape of ankle issues during winter feels like embarking on an unexpected journey through a world of discomfort and uncertainty. Imagine your ankle as the unsuspecting host of a spontaneous winter gathering, where pain crashes in uninvited, leaving you to wonder if it’s just a chill sprain or a full-blown fracture festivity.

Prepare yourself, because in the winter tale of ankle discomfort, each ailment has its unique cold flavor, and choosing the right treatment is akin to navigating a vast buffet of winter delights – you must select the one that suits your taste.

Let’s dive deeper into the anatomy of your ankle, transforming it from a mundane body part into a lively partner in a complex winter dance. Forget the bone jargon; envision the ankle as a dynamic joint, featuring the true ankle joint and the subtalar joint, all orchestrated by a network of snazzy ligaments.

When things take a frosty turn in this intricate dance, the key is to identify which VIP section got hit. Speed is of the essence because the faster you decode this mystery, the sooner your foot can gracefully return to the dance floor, free from pain and full of swagger.

Imagine our office, especially Dr. Leibovitz as the maestro of podiatry, the luminary in the realm of winter festivities. Visualize him as the Fred Astaire of ankles, here to guide you through the intricate dance steps of diagnosis and treatment with finesse.

Ankle Sprain vs. Ankle Fracture – The Grand Showdown!

Picture ankle sprains as your ankle’s ligaments attempting the limbo – stretching, bending, and maybe tearing a ligament or two in the process. On the flip side, ankle fractures are the bone-breaking divas of the winter party, literally engaging in a game of Twister with the bones in the subtalar or true ankle joints. The outcome varies, ranging from a swift recovery waltz to an extended period of sitting on the sidelines.

How to Play Detective with Your Ankle

To embark on your ankle detective journey, no magnifying glass is required – just a keen eye for discomfort. If the pain is throwing a winter rager directly on the ankle bones, chances are it might be a fracture. Sprains, on the other hand, prefer the softer vibes around the ankle bones. Keep an eye out for telltale signs such as swelling, limited dance moves, and perhaps even some artistic bruising – your ankle expressing itself in vibrant winter hues.

Woman suffering from an ankle injury while exercising. Running sport injury concept.

Symptoms that Demand a Red Carpet Entrance to the Doctor’s Office

Some symptoms are the paparazzi of ankle issues – they demand immediate attention. If your ankle refuses to bear weight, bones are gate-crashing through the skin, pain is going full diva, or you’re experiencing a loss of sensation – it’s VIP time at our office!

Now, for the Treatment Tango! 

For a sprained ankle, consider it a spa day. Give that ankle the pampering it deserves – offer it some well-deserved rest, ice it like a celebrity on a red carpet, and perhaps pop some over-the-counter meds. Your ankle will thank you with reduced discomfort and maybe even a graceful bow.

However, if it’s a fractured ankle, the treatment takes a different trajectory. A walking boot might become your ankle’s new winter fashion statement, or if the bones are particularly rebellious, surgery with screws and plates might be the star-studded solution. Neglecting this ankle drama could transform it into a blockbuster fracture, and let’s face it, nobody wants that!

But wait, there’s a new player in town to elevate your ankle recovery experience – the Remy Laser. Imagine it as the VIP treatment for your ankle, a cutting-edge modality that harnesses the power of laser light to accelerate the healing process. Remy Laser Therapy is like the red carpet rolled out for your ankle, promoting cellular regeneration and reducing inflammation, all without invasive procedures or side effects.

So, don’t be fashionably late to the holiday healing party. Reach out to Dr. Leibovitz, the virtuoso of ankles, and let’s get your ankle back to being the life of the winter fiesta! With our expertise as the ankle’s dance instructors, we can’t wait to put the spring back in your step and answer all your burning questions! Contact our office or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment! Get ready for the ultimate winter foot fiesta with our team leading the winter dance!