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Custom Orthotics for Ankle Pain

Treating Ankle Pain with Orthotics

The ankle is complex, with multiple bones and tendons. When something goes wrong, it may not always be as easy as elevating your foot after a nasty sprain.

In fact, if you consistantly experience ankle pain, we have some special orthotics that will help you find relief from your pain!

The Different Types of Ankle Pain

As we’ve stated earlier, the ankle is complex. That’s why we have to carefully diagnose what’s going on. Depending on what might be causing your ankle pain will depend on what kind of orthotics we prescribe.

Arthritis in the Ankle

A common condition overall, orthotics help relieve pain by overall reducing the amount of motion needed to help you walk. This reduces the overall inflammation and wear and tear on your joints.

Pain on the Inside & Outside of Your Ankle

Another common complaint we hear about! In this case, it’s the tendons in your ankle. These tendons get damaged due to being overworked or possibly an injury, leading to pain the on interior or exterior of your leg.

Depending on which tendon it is, we’ll prescribe the appropriate orthotic needed to directly treat the problem area.

Ankle Pain & Instability

Often a result of an injury, such as an ankle sprain or break, ankle pain can persist long after the sprain or break has healed.

The result?

Your ankle is left in a weakened state. Orthotics, therapy, and an effective ankle strengthening program will help get your ankle back to tip-top state!

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