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Custom Orthotics for Ankle Pain

Nobody should be forced to endure ankle pain with every step, always impeding the enjoyment of their favorite activities and pursuits. And with custom orthotics, you may be able to take your life back from that stubborn pain!

Orthotics and the Causes of Your Ankle Pain

The ankle is a complex joint. It needs to be for the job it has! Unfortunately, that also means pain can develop through a variety of different injuries and problems.

However, when the source of the pain can be traced to an abnormal biomechanical structure or excess forces straining the joint, custom orthotics can often step in to provide a great deal of support!

Some cases in which custom orthotics may be helpful include:

  • Pain on the inside or outside of the ankle. This is a common complaint we receive from patients, and can often be traced to tendon damage. Orthotics can help shift excess stress away from affected tendons, giving them a better opportunity to heal and a lower chance of re-injury.
  • Ankle instability. Have sprains and injuries from the past made your ankle “wobbly” at times? Orthotics can add much-needed support to help prevent future injuries and further degradation of the joint.
  • Arthritis in the ankle. Orthotics can also help take excess weight and stress of an arthritic joint, increasing comfort and helping to maintain range of motion.

What’s Best for Your Ankle Pain?

There are many cases where custom orthotics can be a fantastic asset in providing relief from ankle pain, and there are other situations where they would not be very effective at all. Our mission is always to determine the best course of treatment that meets your needs and gets you back to doing what you love without pain!

Schedule an appointment at our Indianapolis office by calling (317) 545-0505. If you prefer to contact us electronically instead, fill out our online contact form and a member of our staff will reach out to you.

Schedule an appointment with our Indianapolis office by calling (317) 545-0505. Or, if you prefer to contact us electronically, fill out our online contact form and a member of our office will reach out to you.


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