Bunion Prevention

Real quick, take a look at your parents and grandparents – do they have bunions on their feet?

If they do, we have news for you! There’s a good chance you already do or will develop them in the future.

If you already have a bunion, sadly we can’t reverse the problem with orthotics, however, we can help prevent them from getting worse!

But if you (or maybe your children) haven’t developed a bunion, then our orthotics program is perfect for you.

Since bunions primarily happen due to faulty foot structure, orthotics help make sure your feet get the support they need.

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Why Should I Be Worried About A Bunion?

Apart from being embarrassing, especially as it continues to grow in size, bunions can cause a myriad of other conditions.

The bunion itself causes pain when it rubs up against your shoe, but on top of that a bunion that continues to get worse will cause overlapping toes, arthritis in the big toe (or a stiff big toe), hammertoes, painful corns and calluses that won’t go away, among many others.

We really are advising that proactivity here is key to avoiding a life full of problems! We don’t want to see our patients having to constantly deal with the above conditions. So schedule your appointment with us today. Call our office at (317) 545-0505 to let us know if you want more information on our bunion prevention program!


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