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Managing Bunions with Orthotics

Here’s some great news for a lot of people: surgery is not the only form of treatment for bunions! Orthotics have been a huge benefit in bunion management for many, and they may help you, too.

While orthotics can’t reverse a bunion, they can help you manage pain and other symptoms. They can also help slow or stop a bunion from becoming worse.

Does relief from bunion pain and other uncomfortable symptoms without the need for surgery sound appealing to you? Then we should absolutely talk about that!

How Orthotics Can Help a Bunion

Bunions are typically caused by an imbalance in the structure of the joint at the base of the largest toe. Over time, this imbalance combines with pressures and forces exerted on the feet to gradually shift the toe in toward its neighbors, creating the signature bump.

As a bunion continues to grow, so too can pain, stiffness, lack of toe mobility, and friction-based problems such as corns and calluses.

Custom orthotics – and specifically accommodative orthotics – can provide much-needed support to the vulnerable joint, shifting away excess forces and providing relief from many stresses.

As part of a conservative treatment plan, orthotics may help you reclaim your quality of life from a stubborn bunion without having to go through surgery (and the ensuing recovery).

The Sooner You Address Your Bunion, the Better!

Even if you only think you might be developing a bunion, it is still very much worth coming in to see us about it.

If it’s determined that a bunion is likely occurring – or you have one in earlier stages – orthotics can make a much bigger difference in providing comfort now and into the future.

We don’t want anyone constantly dealing with bunion complications if they don’t have to. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (317) 545-0505 and let us know you want more information on bunion treatment!

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