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Custom Orthotics Provide Relief for Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most common conditions our patients face and, if diagnosed quickly, is usually very easy to treat.
In fact, if patients come in when they first start seeing symptoms, we have a 95% success rate with treating heel pain. Most of the time, these treatments are conservative, meaning you won’t need surgery (remember when we mentioned custom orthotics?).

So, What Can You Expect?

After you schedule your appointment with us and come in, the first thing we will do is give you a diagnosis. What happens next will depend on what we find.

90% of heel pain cases tend to be caused by plantar fasciitis, and one of the key ways to treat it is by using orthotics.

To see if custom orthotics really are a good fit for you, we’ll start with a simple taping procedure. For the next 5 days, we’ll give your feet the support they need by taping them in a very specific and supportive manner. This tape will stay on the entire time.

We’ll schedule a follow up appointment and see you after the 5 days are up. Should this particular treatment work, we’ll move forward with outfitting you with your very own medical shoe inserts!

Wearing the Orthotics

When you start wearing the orthotics, a break-in period is typically required. In this case, too much of a good thing can cause you unnecessary pain – your body needs to get used to the new support it has.

After receiving your orthotics, you will need to wear them 50 percent of the time for the first few weeks. After a little while, you’ll need to wear them 75 percent for the next few weeks, then move on to wearing them 100 percent of the time.

During this time, you should see a reduction in your heel pain, or see it completely disappear. You might even see an improvement in other areas, too! Orthotics help with your overall posture – ankle pain, leg pain, and even lower back pain can be treated with a proper pair.

In a few rare cases…

While we always focus on conservative treatment options, like our orthotics program, there are times when orthotics really aren’t the best option.

If you need other types of treatment, we’ll cover each of the options in depth so you know the correct path moving forward.

Why Our Orthotics Program is so Successful

First, we need to cover why custom orthotics are better than the over-the-counter products you can buy anywhere.

Custom orthotics are shaped based on what your feet need. “One size fits all” doesn’t do that, and often doesn’t take care of your unique feet. This is especially true when it comes to treating a condition like heel pain.

Another reason why our orthotics program is so successful is because we utilize it more than other practices:

  • Two pairs of orthotics!
    • We recommend having two pair of shoes for general use (especially if you’re a runner!). Switching between two different pairs of shoes regularly helps keep your shoes and orthotics in better shape, as well as reducing the chance of developing a skin or toenail condition.
    • To make sure your orthotics last longer and your treatment is more effective, you should get orthotics for the shoes you always like to wear. This makes it so you have more support on a regular basis.
    • As a part of our program, your second pair of orthotics will be 25% off for the first year – saving you over $100.
  • A strengthening and stretching routine.
    • To treat and prevent pain from coming back, we’ll recommend stretches and exercises to perform on a regular basis. Don’t worry, this routine won’t make you break a sweat!
  • Our products to help keep shoes/orthotics in pristine condition.
  • Continual follow up.
    • Just like with anything, we always make sure our treatments work for our patients. We always include follow-up appointments as a part of our program. Our office will reach out and remind you when it’s time to come in again!
  • Fully supportive sandals.
    • Anyone who wants to wear sandals really needs to avoid flimsy $5 flip flops. In fact, flimsy flip flops cause heel pain more often than your average shoes! Make sure you talk with us about getting an appropriate pair of sandals so you can enjoy your time outside right.

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