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Heel Pain Blogs

Stretches for Heel Pain

Some things in life are painful, but we endure them because it’s just the way the world works. Waiting at the BMV, in-law visits, and heel pain from plantar fasciitis are all torturous in their own ways, but at least something can be done about one of those examples....

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The Best Plantar Fasciitis Stretch

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain, and often times there are easy things you can do to help relieve pain and move forward with treatment. Now before we get started on some potential stretches, it’s good to know that this is NOT a...

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Marching Band…What Could Go Wrong?

As the marching band members rehearse and fine-tune their musical instruments, the feet bear the brunt of repetitive motion.  Long four-hour summer practices can produce 15,000 – 20,000 steps.  Each step can generate 2 – 4 times the body weight plus your instrument....

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Working From Home Heel Pain

That pesky COVID-19 virus has created a work-at-home environment for many of us. We are pretty safe from the outside world when we stay home. That is true – but I would bet you did not count on foot pain becoming the new focus of your life. In particular heel pain. ...

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Your Child Has Heel Pain? (It’s Probably Sever’s Disease.)

Have you ever experienced pain in the back of your foot and thought: “Eh, that’s just a normal part of getting older.” The problem with that kind of thinking is twofold. First, heel pain isn’t “normal.” (Remember, pain is actually a gift your body provides so you can...

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How Weight Affects Your Heels (And What You Can Do About It!)

Even Billy Joel will tell you:    (yet another Dinosaur Rock reference) Extremes are almost always bad. And that is something that can hold true for even innocuous, life-sustaining activities—like drinking water. But, at the same time, most things in life are fine in...

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