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Your Foot Pain Stops Here

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Your health is a large portion of your life, and foot pain is an indication that there is a problem. As a podiatrist in the Indianapolis community, we’ve seen and treated many cases of foot pain.

It actually surprises me how many people have dealt with foot pain, in many cases for years, and have done nothing about it. We wrote this book to help you understand more about foot pain and what you can do about.

Foot pain is never normal, and is easily treatable. Whether your pain is causing you to walk for shorter distances, or preventing you from enjoying your favorite sport, we can help you!

Inside this book, you can learn more about:

  • Why you have foot pain
  • How to interpret the symptoms you experience
  • What treatment options are available
  • When it’s time to come see us
  • And more!

Suffering with pain in your feet or ankles is unacceptable. Most cases can easily be treated with conservative treatment options. Contact us today and get the care you deserve and relief from your pain. To schedule an appointment, please fill out our online contact form or call the office at (317) 545-0505.


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