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Accommodative Orthotics

When we need to protect certain areas of your foot anatomy, accommodative orthotics may be the super hero of the day.

They are not full-on functional orthotics, nor are they arch supports. Rather, they are modified insoles that we can provide and adjust specifically for your needs in our office, at a fraction of the cost of a pair of full custom orthotics.

Much More Than Softness

When a condition is causing foot pain, it can be easy to assume that all you need is something soft and cushiony to take care of the problem.  Filling your shoes with Mr. Whipple’s Charmin tissue will not help you out.

Softness can temporally feel good, but  just softness alone will not address the full scope of the problem. For example, if your dining room table has five legs (you know, like your toes) and the second leg was 2 inches longer than the rest, that long leg will be taking a greater than normal share of the weight and eventually produce a problem.

Now, if all you did was place that table on a plush shag carpet, like a really soft insole, you may think that would be the solution. However, that one long leg is still receiving much more weight than its neighbors.

An accommodative orthotic redistributes your weight so the area of greater pressure takes less and the areas of less pressure work harder. The foot is now properly balanced, providing a much more stable solution.  

What Conditions Can Accommodative Orthotics Assist With?

Accommodative orthotics can be very helpful for problems dealing with table legs—er, toes—but can provide biomechanical support in other areas of the foot as well.

Conditions for which accommodative orthotics may be prescribed include, but are not limited to:

Accommodative orthotics may not always be recommended for every instance of these conditions. Other forms of treatment may be suggested instead of (or in addition to) this. It all depends on what we find after a thorough evaluation of the problem, and how different treatments would affect your personal situation.

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What Should You Expect from Accommodative Orthotics?

If an accommodative orthotic is recommended for you, you will be fitted for them similarly to custom orthotics. The difference is that we can make an accommodative orthotic in our office and do not send it out to a lab to be manufactured like a custom biomechanical orthotics.

You will ideally need shoes with a removable insole, so that the accommodative insert can replace it without crowding and interfering with leg length. Putting them on top of the shoe insert is not recommended.

There is usually no “break-in” period for these devices so you can start wearing them right away. You should begin to feel a noticeable difference in your comfort within the first few days of wearing them. This is a big plus for active individuals who don’t want to interrupt their routines.

Once you have the orthotic, we will schedule a check-up appointment 3 weeks, to ensure that the devices are working. If there is not adequate relief, the insert can be adjusted in our office.

The lifespan of the inserts is typically 1-2 years, depending on their level of use. Whereas functional custom orthotics can often be refurbished, accommodative orthotics must be replaced once they reach a significant level of deterioration.

Get the Help You Need for Your Foot Pain and Discomfort

Whether accommodative orthotics or another form of treatment is best for your condition, you have someone right here in Indianapolis who can best address your problems! Time spent waiting is time that could have been used working toward a solution.

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