Flat Foot – Do You Have It and How We Treat It

  It’s pretty normal not to give much thought to the arches of your feet. After all, they simply do their jobs—absorb force, act as "springs" for your feet—and then call it a day. When you have flat feet, though, your arches will lead to issues – including pain that...

Your Guide to Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

  The anatomy of your feet and ankles breaks down like this: You have 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons in each foot. These tissues all work in harmony when everything is going well, but sometimes problems disrupt the natural flow. Some...

How to Avoid Blood Clots While Traveling

  There may have been times this spring when it didn’t feel like this was possible, but summer will soon be upon us. (Of course, children in school know this since they’ve been counting down the days since basically last September.) The summer season means a lot of...

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

  We’re on the cusp of spring, summer days won’t be far behind that, and no one remembers what the stupid groundhog forecasted—probably not even the overrated rodent himself. It’s time to start talking about getting your feet ready for warmer weather! (For our...

Running Races in Indianapolis

  No matter your ultimate running goals—some people want to run marathons, others are simply looking to burn more calories—something you may want to consider with a running program is participating in 5k races. (Don’t let the term “race” scare you off – it is...

Why Your Valentines Day Massage Feels So Good

  Santa has already come and gone, so the new mark as to whether or not you've been good over the past year—and especially to your significant other!—is whether you're getting a foot massage for Valentine's Day. Of course, as you'll see, there are different types of...

To Ignore Dry Skin or to Treat It

  For even the best test-takers, some questions are really hard: What’s the meaning of life? (The guru at the top of the mountain might have the answer, but who has time to climb a mountain and ask him in this day and age?) Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah...

Floating Toe is One Magic Trick You Don’t Want to See

  There are many different kinds of magic tricks people enjoy watching, including one type that reminds us a bit about a condition known as floating toe. Of course, when a magician uses sleight of hand or special devices to levitate an object, or even a person, it’s...

The “Hail Mary” Shoe

  At the risk of kicking this blog post off with a major understatement, fall is basically like Christmas for college football fans. For many avid football enthusiasts across our state, it’s even better when the Irish are actually winning! Everyone knows Notre Dame...

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